Racial Justice and CCL: Doing Our Part

Racial Justice and CCL: Doing Our Part

By Susan Secord, Boulder CCL Steering Committee

The violence and protests of recent weeks have shaken our nation’s conscience. The frustration and anger we’re seeing now isn’t new; it’s the result of centuries of systemic racism — largely ignored by most of the white majority. What is new is the level of outcry against injustice, and the growing breadth of support for justice for Black, indigenous, and people of color. It will take all of us working together to bring about a truly just, inclusive, and sustainable society for all.

In support of this future, CCL continues to work towards becoming a more diverse, welcoming, and inclusive organization. I encourage you to take the time to read CCL’s Executive Director Mark Reynolds’ statement of support for racial justice. One topic Mark addresses is CCL’s commitment to educating our predominantly white membership about recent events and what we can do about it. CCL Communications Director Flannery Winchester followed up with Are you a white CCL volunteer? Let’s talk. Included are links to resources provided by Karina Ramirez, CCL’s Diversity Outreach Manager — straightforward things you can do to start helping immediately.

At our June 2020 CCL Virtual National Conference, the Diversity Track included several trainings to guide us in increasing the diversity and inclusiveness of our local chapters:

If you’d like a deeper dive into fostering diversity within CCL, I encourage you to explore the CCL Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) webpage.

Check out the CCL Action Teams that support CCL’s DEI efforts: Latinos, Climate and Culture, LGBTQA+Allies, People of the Global Majority, Asian Pacific, Youth, Higher Education, Conservative Caucus, Environmental Justice, as well as many teams organized around religious affiliation. Go to CCL’s Community website for a list of all national action teams to get involved.

In future newsletter issues, we’ll share steps our Colorado chapters have taken to foster diversity and inclusiveness. Help us by sharing your experiences: How are we responding to these times? How are we educating ourselves about the history of racism, white privilege, and how to be an anti-racist? How are we making our chapters more welcoming and inclusive? Let us know at newsletter@coloradoccl.org