Connect and Get Involved Through CCL Action Teams

Connect and Get Involved Through CCL Action Teams

By Susan Secord, Boulder Chapter

Remember those pre-COVID days when we met in person for our monthly chapter meetings? Back then, there were many opportunities to connect with others and get involved. Probably some of the most lively times at chapter meetings were during the pre-meeting social times and then after our meetings when small groups would huddle spontaneously in animated conversations about upcoming events and actions.

Unfortunately, that’s not as possible on Zoom, although many of our groups are scheduling pre- and post-meeting social time on-line. But there are still ways for volunteers to connect with others — by getting involved with CCL Action Teams, at the local, state or national levels.

Some Colorado CCL chapters have local Action Teams, usually focused around CCL’s Five Levers of Political Will. In my chapter, we have a Media Team (folks focus on writing to local publications), Podcast Team (this is a new one, with lots of energy from some of our younger members), Welcome Team (to bring on new members), and an Endorsements Team. Many of these chapter-level teams meet on a regular basis via Zoom. Because these teams are smaller, it’s easier to get to know one another, hear everyone’s ideas, provide support, and get into the nitty gritty of strategy and taking action.

What if your chapter doesn’t have teams? Perhaps it’s time to start one or two! But if that doesn’t yet work for your chapter, you could get involved in one of Colorado CCL's Cross-Chapter Teams — Colorado Conservative Caucus, Green Allies Outreach Team, Social Media Team, and Metro Denver Presenters Group. Also, new teams are forming! Watch for details in a future issue about the new cross-chapter Diversity Team.

If you’re eager to collaborate with CCL volunteers from across the country, check out CCL’s national Action Teams on CCL Community. (See next paragraph if you need help with logging in.) There are currently sixty teams broken into several categories: Analysis and Impacts (4), Business and Labor (8), Diversity (5), Faith (13), Skill Building and Support (13), and State and International (4). There are also thirteen teams under the category of Common Interests — including climate and environmental justice, outdoor industry, higher education, Rotary, youth, and more.

Any CCL volunteer can join any of the national CCL Action Teams. Most teams meet monthly online and communicate in their own group pages in CCL Community. To access the national CCL Action Teams, you’ll need to be logged in to CCL Community. (If you need help with that, click HERE.) Once logged-in, click on 1) “Connect with Others” and 2) “Action Teams.”

Take Action:

Please check out our local, state and national teams and pick one or two that match your interests and talents. As CCL’s Executive Director Mark Reynolds often reminds us, choose something “that lights you up!” Then your actions will be sustainable over time. Connect, dive in, and get more involved in creating the political will for a livable world.