Alexx Hoholik Takes the Reins as CCL’s Media Manager for the Denver Post

Alexx Hoholik Takes the Reins as CCL’s Media Manager for the Denver Post

By Susan Secord

“I love it when CCL volunteers have their first LTEs published!” This is just one of the things that Alexx Hoholik enjoys about being the new Colorado CCL Media Manager for the Denver Post (DP). Denver CCL leader Kathleen Wells recently turned that role over to Alexx after serving as CCL’s DP Media Manager for six years. We owe a great debt of gratitude to Kathleen for her years of service in that capacity! And a very big thanks to Alexx for stepping up to take over!

What’s a CCL Media Manager and why are they so important to CCL’s work?

CCL’s Media Managers play a pivotal role in letting our volunteers know about opportunities to write to their local newspapers. CCL Letters to the Editor (LTEs) and longer opinion pieces (Op-eds) play a two-fold purpose: 1) Our Members of Congress pay attention to the opinions expressed in local newspapers. It’s one way they keep their fingers on the pulse of local opinion, and their staff members monitor newspapers in their districts. 2) CCL LTEs and Op-eds educate the public and build support for carbon pricing as a powerful national climate solution, and particularly for H.R. 763, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.

Colorado CCL has Media Managers for almost twenty newspapers, and in an average year we’ve had about 200 opinion pieces published throughout the state (and sometimes in national publications). A big thanks to all of those Media Managers and to our Colorado CCL writers!

The Denver Post has the largest distribution of all Colorado newspapers, so it’s an especially important vehicle for spreading CCL’s message. As Media Manager, Alexx scans the Post every day, looking for articles related to climate change that are particularly relevant to Colorado. She says this doesn’t take long and it’s a task she can easily fit into her daily routine. Once she finds an article, she sends out an email to Denver area chapter members as well as a larger email list of Colorado CCL writers — folks from across the state who have signed up to learn about statewide writing opportunities. Alexx’s emails include a copy of the relevant article and some ideas on how writers might address the issue. She also includes publication guidelines for writers. Alexx says she’s been “ecstatic with the number of LTEs we’ve had published recently.”

Since Alexx took over as Media Manager, about half of the published CCL LTEs have been from first-time writers. She offers these words of advice for new writers:

  • Talk about something you care about (public health and climate change; farming and climate change, etc.) and then to tie that to H.R. 763.
  • Don’t take sides on a controversial issue and do stay nonpartisan if you mention CCL or the bill.
  • You already know about this topic! All you have to do is put pen to paper. Those words will come flooding out.
  • Remember that even if your letter isn’t published, it’s recognized by the newspaper that a Colorado citizen cares about the topic and thus helps get other CCL letters published.

If you’d like help with an LTE or Op-Ed for the Denver Post, Alexx is happy to review your piece and provide suggestions.

Ways you can take action:

  • Have you ever considered writing an LTE or an Op-Ed? CCL provides excellent training resources to help you get started.
  • Would you like to receive emails from Alexx regarding LTE opportunities for the Denver Post? Email Alexx Hoholik.
  • Interested in becoming a Media Manager?